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First Time Using a Private Jet Company? Here’s What You Need to Know

Business executives are beginning to utilize private jet companies more and more. While the cost of private jet hire is often higher per passenger than using commercial airlines, there are many benefits to be gained. These can be offset against the cost of hiring the aircraft. There are some things you should bear in mind before committing to a hire contract.

  1. Luggage restrictions

You may be under the impression that you can bring as much luggage as you want since you are hiring a private jet. However, all aircraft have a maximum weight they can carry, and smaller planes are quite limited in the amount of luggage they can take. Ask your private jet service company about luggage size and weight restrictions before you set off for the airport.

  1. Parking

One of the great benefits of using a private jet service is that you can often park very close to where you will board your aircraft. Not all companies can offer parking at the airport, so you will need to check out this aspect before you travel. If the private jet hire company does not offer parking facilities, you will need to make alternative arrangements.

  1. Identification

If you are flying abroad, you will most likely need your passport to clear immigration at your destination. For internal flights, a passport is not a requirement, but most jet hire companies will insist that each passenger brings photographic proof of identity.

  1. Departure times

When you make your booking, you will be asked to specify your departure times for each leg of the journey. Most companies will allow a certain amount of flexibility if you need to change those times, but you should always inform the jet hire company as soon as possible if you need to make any changes. You will have much more flexibility than when using commercial flights, but some companies will charge extra fees if departures are delayed beyond a specified time.

  1. Book as early as possible

While many companies can take bookings at short notice, your choice of aircraft will generally be wider the earlier you book. This could be important. For example, many trips using private jets are to smaller airports, and the runways may be too short to take some types of aircraft. If you book in plenty of time, the hire company can allocate an aircraft that is suitable for operations at your destinations.

If you have any doubts or queries about any aspect of your journey, it’s best to contact the private hire company to get clarification. Try to do this sooner rather than later to avoid problems.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

A full suspension trail bicycle is otherwise called a twin suspension rough terrain bicycle since it is furnished with safeguards for both wheels. This is contrary to the hardtail mountain bicycle that has a safeguard for the front wheel. Both sorts of trail bicycles have their own employments. The hardtail bicycle is less difficult to pedal and is quicker than the full suspension bicycle on smooth landscape. However the second kind can run speedier on coarse territory in light of the fact that the safeguard permits more footing by drenching up the impact of hindrances. Beside offering the rider a more comfortable ride, the bicycle suspension additionally strengthens intensity and security.

Sorts of bicycle Suspension

The suspension framework can be executed through a suspension stem, suspension front fork, back suspension, suspension seat post, or suspension heart. A blend of these strategies may likewise be connected. It ought to be watched that the suspension stem is no more mainstream.

The front suspension is generally made possible by utilizing two or three safeguards for the front fork. The safeguard is often comprised of a spring and a damper. The spring could be a loop spring, packed air, or elastomer. The damper is generally offered by giving oil a chance to go through shim stacks or little openings.

Sorts of Rear Suspension

Back suspension is regularly respected to mean full suspension since trail bikes with single suspension often apply a front suspension innovation. The sorts of back suspension incorporate the single turn, delicate tail, Horst connection and 4 bar suspensions, brought together back triangle, Virtual Pivot Point, FSR framework, DW-join, Equilink, Monolink, and split turn.

The single turn is the most straightforward kind and is likewise the least expensive. Various bicycle creators have executed their own plans for back suspension and every configuration has its own particular advantages and drawbacks. It is up to the purchaser to figure out which of the components are most critical to him.

Purchasing a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

At the point when wanting to buy a full suspension trail bicycle it is imperative to inquire as to whether you’re genuinely genuine about being able to ride crosswise over coarse territory. A decent hardtail trail bike will be quicker than the minimum exorbitant full suspension bicycle in light of the fact that the last is generally heavier aside from being weighed down with the inherent disadvantages of a back suspension.

The amount of suspension travel is likewise huge when purchasing this sort of mountain bicycle. For tough or crosscountry hustling, suspension travel ought to be under 4.5 inches. These are lighter on the grounds that the less suspension travel, the lighter the bicycle.

However for those that need to do some bouncing or free riding, the additional weight is not an essential concern. Therefore, this sort of rough terrain bicycle will more often than not oblige 6 to 8 inches of suspension travel. What’s more, in the middle of these two is the trail bicycle, which requires up to 6.5 inches of suspension travel.

Your Basic Guide to Engine Oil

On the off chance that you possess an auto, you have to think about motor oil. In the event that you let your oil level drop too low or regardless of the possibility that you utilize the wrong sort of oil for your auto, you could build your emanations, smolder more fuel, even refute your guarantee now and again yet in particular, you will do some genuine harm to your motor which will cost you more over the long haul.

Why do you require oil? Oil is utilized to lessen the erosion between moving parts, this is particularly vital in a motor as it has such a variety of moving parts which could be conceivably lethal on the off chance that they turn out badly. Oil likewise anticipates consumption and it diverts heat from motor helping it cool. All things considered, when utilized appropriately motor oil can not just enhance the general productivity of your auto however it can likewise expand its life span and help you with regards to offering it on.

How would you check your oil? Under the cap of each auto will be a dipstick, more often than not with either a red or yellow circle that you pull. When you haul the dipstick out, wipe it with an old cloth before reinserting it to give you a right level. This ought to dependably be done whilst the auto is stopped on a level surface and when the motor is cool. All dipsticks have a base and most extreme imprint which your oil level ought to fall between, in the event that it’s looking low (closer min than max) you’ll have to top it up yet be cautious as an excess of oil (over the maximum imprint) can make harm the motor as well. In the event that you do need to best your oil up, the oil filler top typically has a little image of an oilcan on it, in case you’re not certain, check your proprietors control and make sure.

So you’ve chosen your motor could so with some oil, what sort do you pick? There are such a variety of various sorts from such a large number of various makes. Fortunately, you shouldn’t need to stress over that, your handbook or proprietors manual ought to let you know precisely what kind of oil you’d need. On the off chance that you’ve lost these, any legitimate retailer, either online or a physical shop, would have the capacity to help you. On the off chance that, in the wake of strolling into your nearby auto shop, in case you’re still uncertain, any motor oil online shop will have the capacity to offer you specialized backing. What does the distinctive evaluation of motor oil mean? Ordinarily, you’ll get two numbers with a W in the center. Simply the principal number is the thickness (how thick it is) at low temperature, the second number is the consistency at high temperature, this will typically be the more applicable of the two (unless you drive in beneath solidifying conditions all the time).

The higher the number the thicker the oil, it should be more slender when it’s chilly so it streams round the motor all the more adequately. The postfix of the letter W demonstrates it’s intended for the chilly i.e. winter. You can get single evaluation oil, yet as most motors experience a significant great scope of temperatures rather rapidly, the multi grade oil is ordinarily more fitting for most autos in many situations.

It takes five minutes to check your motor oil level and top it up, it could cost thousands in motor repair charges or even discount your auto if ignored. it’s preferred safe over poor.

How to Prevent Auto Glass Scratches – 15 Tips


Auto glass is popularly referred to the structures in a car which are typically made of glass. Auto glass structures include- windshields, windscreens, panel roofs made of glass, rear windows, side windows, etc.


Most of the glass structures in a car is held these days by glass run channels, which collects the glass pieces in case of breakage.

Also, in recent times, most of the cars and automobile vehicles use laminated glass as it does not break into sharp pieces and in turn does not harm the passengers and the drivers.

But, despite of their coatings and make, the structures at the end of the day remains to be made of glass and they are prone and susceptible to scratches of just about any type and any kind.

Hence, in this article, we will discuss about the top 15 tips to prevent auto glass scratches.

So, let’s get started without wasting any further time.

Tip#1: Now, let’s get one thing sorted out clearly in our head in the first place. You cannot fully prevent scratches from getting into your auto glass windows. The sole reason behind this is that the majority of scratches caused in the auto glasses are caused by the road debris, dirt, environmental bugs, bird droppings, etc. and regulating these factors are not fully in your hand.

But, they can be prevented to some extent by using a protective glass sheet on some structures, but you really cannot apply them on side and rear windows.

So, keeping an auto glass anti-scratch cleaner handy might do the trick and by regularly applying it with keep your glasses clean and safe from the scratches.

Tip#2: Do not use any product that contains ammonia for cleaning the glasses as it will cause damage to your auto glasses and leave scratch automatically. So, while dealing with auto glass, ammonia containing cleaning products are a strict no-no.

Tip# 3: We often tend to clean the auto glasses with old t-shirts or towels and unknowingly causes scratches on our glass. Hence, to prevent auto glass scratches, it is highly recommended to use a microfiber glass cleaning towel of around 300 GSM. These towels generate an electrostatic charge when in contact with glass which in turn helps to lift up and remove all the scratches and dirt from the glass surface.

Tip # 4: Always clean you side and rear auto glass windows in the last while cleaning your car. Because there’s a high chance of stray spray in the process which is likely to leave scratches on the glasses.

Tip# 5: Following a wrong buffing motion while cleaning your auto glass with a microfiber towel can lead to unwanted scratches and stains on your auto glasses. Hence, in order to prevent them, it is highly recommended that you clean your auto glasses in a back and forth or up and down motion in a straight way in order to prevent uncalled scratches on your windows.

Tip# 6: To prevent scratches from getting your auto glass window, always wipe clean your glasses only with one specific towel or even better with only one designated side of a towel.

Tip# 7: Avoid cleaning your auto glass in bright sunlight or in very hot weather.

Tip# 8: Always clean the rubbery edges of the auto window glasses as they tend to accumulate dirt in turn creating scratches on the auto glass.

Tip#9: Use Vinegar while cleaning your glasses, as this prevents the auto glass from getting scratches.

Tip# 10: Use of toothpaste in a small amount while cleaning the windows can prevent auto glass scratches.

Tip# 11: If the scratches on your auto glass is much larger and deeper, try to fix and prevent them with scratch fixer kits readily available in the market.

Tip# 12:Applying Jeweler’s rouge with a buffing pad works great in removing and preventing auto glass scratches.

Tip# 13: Use auto glass scratch protection sheets.

Tip# 14: Use scratch resistant glasses in your car.

Tip # 15: While cleaning your auto glass, mixing baking soda with the cleaning solution works wonder in preventing and removing scratches from auto glass.

Have you Prepared your Car for Spring?

Changing seasons normally introduce new attitudes and habits. One such habit that’s good for our vehicles is a good spring clean at the beginning of the new season.

Although most drivers/owners understand the importance of regular servicing, right now may be a good time to make sure your car shakes off the winter blues by having it checked properly by your mechanic. Even a very basic service to check lights, oil and alignment may be necessary. Of course there are many things which you yourself could do at home to help prepare the vehicle for the new, warmer months:


  • After the cold months, it is necessary to wash off all salty deposits, sand and grime which you did not do during winter, in order to help protect the bodywork against rust and decay. For the underside you should use a pressure washer, taking care to avoid any oil seals. After a thorough wash, do not forget to wax your car: It will look nice and shiny and the wax will help to seal paint.
  • Windscreen wipers may have taken a winter hammering – check them, and if necessary, replace. Give the windscreen a thorough wash at the same time.


Make sure you freshen up inside too. Buy a good upholstery cleaner, take out mats and wash them with soap and water; bring out the vacuum cleaner. Make sure all windows are sparkling, the dash clean of dust and little children’s hand marks. A good time too, to clean mirrors. A good car freshener will bring spring right into your car too! It’s worth remembering that proper care for your vehicle can help to maintain it’s value when the time comes to sell my car.


A quick check (unless you want to leave this to your mechanic) should include the following:

  • Even if you’re no expert, check the engine for signs of rust or dirt, which can cause problems later in left unattended.
  • Is there enough windscreen fluid left after the winter months?
  • Are brake fluid levels satisfactory?


The onset of spring is probably a good time to change winter tyres back to the performance or all-seasons variety, if indeed you live in a region where winter tyres are necessary on the roads. Also make sure the pressure in the changed tyres is correct. It is important to change back to summer/all-seasons tyres, since winter tyres get damaged on the road during very warm/hot periods.

The Boot

During winter we often use the boot as a ‘quick storage space’, with every intention of cleaning out all the junk (also some useful items) later. That ‘later’ is now, at the beginning of spring.

A Last Tip

Spring often heralds the hay fever season: Replace your pollen filter if you have one. And don’t forget the sunglasses as the spring glare can be quite distracting when you’re on the road.